Audience-building is not Community-Building

I've seen people make the following observation more and more: "you shouldn't build an audience; you should build a community!" Now, there is a lot of truth to that statement. It appears, on the surface, to redirect self-interest towards something more collaborative. It's not about having an audience to sell to, but creating a thriving … Continue reading Audience-building is not Community-Building

Audience-Building and Relatable Content

When you're building an audience, people will resonate with your content differently over time. In the beginning, when you don't have too many followers, your reputation within the community may not yet be established enough to get away with controversial manifests and content that claims to be the end-all of knowledge on any particular topic. … Continue reading Audience-Building and Relatable Content

Platform Risk and the Three Kinds of Audiences

Imagine waking up one morning only to find your Twitter account suspended. If you're trying to build an audience on Twitter, this is your worst nightmare. And it's an entirely possible scenario. It happened to Jack Butcher just a few weeks ago: Twitter suspended all of his brand accounts, including @visualizevalue and @value, the visual … Continue reading Platform Risk and the Three Kinds of Audiences

Audience Discovery: The Importance of Budget

When founders are looking for that perfect target audience for their business, they often get many things right. They pick audiences that they know intimately, that have interesting problems to solve, and that they really care about helping. However, I see too many founders struggle with a vital part of the Audience Discovery process: making … Continue reading Audience Discovery: The Importance of Budget