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Hi! I’m Arvid.

Welcome to The Bootstrapped Founder, a resource for everyone who wants to bootstrap their own business.

The Bootstrapped Founder is the home of my book 📗Zero to Sold: How to Start, Run, and Sell a Bootstrapped Business and 📘The Embedded Entrepreneur, which is an audience-driven book teaching you how to build an audience-driven business.

I’m building a Software-as-a-Service tool for authors who care about the quality of the links in their work. It’s called PermanentLink and I am sharing my progress on Twitter and on my podcast.

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Here are my most recent blog posts:


Reading Time: 7 minutes While I was working on answering questions for my upcoming Twitter audience-building course, I ran into this one: “What if it doesn’t work?” While my immediate thoughts went to the random nature of eventual success and how only consistency will pave the way there, I soon arrived at a problem that lies much deeper than … Continue reading Fear-Setting

The Power of Repetition

Reading Time: 4 minutes When you build in public, you’ll eventually arrive at a point where it feels hard to be original. Here’s the solution: give yourself permission to repeat yourself. Sometimes, you are most effective when you stick to your message. “Won’t that get boring?” I hear you ask. Yes, but it doesn’t have to be. Like with … Continue reading The Power of Repetition

Building in Public: Maintaining a Positive Self-Image

Reading Time: 8 minutes Building in public is not always easy, often caused by problems with our self-image. I want to talk more about mental health topics because I feel they are severely underrepresented in the conversations around being an entrepreneur in public. Most conversations are about the positive things, the successes, celebrations. While that’s great — who doesn’t … Continue reading Building in Public: Maintaining a Positive Self-Image

What Founders Can Learn From Web3 Community-Building (And What They Can’t)

Reading Time: 8 minutes If you’re an entrepreneur planning to build a community around a particular subject, you’ll benefit immensely from observing what’s happening in the crypto space. Even with the rampant scams and rug-pulls, the web3 space demonstrates what groups of people can accomplish when there is alignment between the leaders and the members of a community. Because … Continue reading What Founders Can Learn From Web3 Community-Building (And What They Can’t)

Twitter: The Gathering. How and Where to Find the Right Followers

Reading Time: 7 minutes When you’re trying to build an audience, you need to understand who out there could be interested in you and your work. Before you can attract the right people, you must know where they are already gathering. Here is an approach that I have found incredibly fast and effective: you “draw a map” of the … Continue reading Twitter: The Gathering. How and Where to Find the Right Followers

Make it Easy to Cancel

Reading Time: 5 minutes It is a great retention strategy to make it easy for your customers to cancel your product. You may lose a few payments, but you gain something much more important: an ex-customer who feels respected. I see way too many founders paying way too little attention to the last interaction with their customers. They’re missing … Continue reading Make it Easy to Cancel


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