The Bootstrapped Founder

Hi! I’m Arvid. I empower founders & creators who want to build calm & sustainable businesses in public.

The Bootstrapped Founder is the home of my Twitter course Find your Following, the books 📗Zero to Sold and 📘The Embedded Entrepreneur, which is an audience-driven book teaching you how to build an audience-driven business.

You will also find the Bootstrapper’s Bookshelf, the Bootstrapped Founder Podcast, YouTube channel, and the Bootstrapped Founder Newsletter.

Here are my most recent blog posts:

Consulting in Public

Reading Time: 5 minutes Building in public is becoming a popular way to build a business. But how about consulting in public? Can entrepreneurs go beyond talking about their business? Can they conduct their business out in the open? Rand Fishkin recently asked Patrick Campbell —who just sold ProfitWell for $200 million— to help him with their pricing. Immediately, … Continue reading Consulting in Public

The Forever Transaction

Reading Time: 8 minutes Next time you’re at a gas station or a convenience store, and you’re ready to pay, look at all the things they shove in front of you, hoping to sell you yet another high-margin product: sugary snacks, soft drinks, processed foods, lottery tickets. They call this the “impulse sales zone:” every single item is a … Continue reading The Forever Transaction

Parasocial Relationships: Imaginary Friends of the Social Network Age

Reading Time: 8 minutes There are a lot of one-sided relationships on social media. They have many names: superfans, otakus, and stans. When you intimately know the personality, likes, dislikes, and the entire personal history of a person you’ve never met and never had any one-on-one interaction with, you’re likely in a parasocial relationship. These are the imaginary friends … Continue reading Parasocial Relationships: Imaginary Friends of the Social Network Age


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