About Me

Hi there!

My name is Arvid Kahl. I co-founded, bootstrapped, and sold FeedbackPanda.com, an online teacher productivity SaaS company, with my partner Danielle Simpson.

I write on The Bootstrapped Founder because bootstrapping is a desirable, value- and wealth-generating way of running a company, and still many people shy away from it.

I wrote about how we founded, ran, and sold FeedbackPanda in under two years. I’ve been sharing the learning from my journey over the last decade in my guide Zero to Sold

In the years of running FeedbackPanda, I learned how to run a self-funded company, and I want to encourage other entrepreneurs to see bootstrapping as a viable option. Not every business needs venture capital to succeed, and I claim that most businesses are better off without investor expectations of hyper-growth.

Founder mental health is an often-neglected facet of the bootstrapped journey. I want to share the methods I have developed to become aware of emotional distress and my reframing techniques to turn negative feelings into positive actions.

I share my knowledge on this blog, the Bootstrapped Founder podcast, and the Bootstrapped Founder Newsletter. If you want to follow my own founder journey, follow me on Twitter.

Together with Danielle, I have given this talk at Microconf Europe 2019 just after selling our business:

MicroConf Europe 2019 Attendee Talk by Danielle Simpson and Arvid Kahl
You can find podcasts and interviews with me on Podchaser. If you want to have me as a guest, reach out via Email or MatchMaker.fm.

I did an Ask Me Anything on Indie Hackers in 2020. And another one in 2021.

If you’re interested in a consultation for your business, please reach out to me through the Consulting page.