Sponsor the Bootstrapped Founder

I accept sponsorship requests from brands, individuals, and projects that aim at improving the lives of founders, creators, and entrepreneurs. Former advertisers were HubSpot, Balsamiq, Acquire.com/MicroAcquire, FE International, and Outseta. Customer resonance with these sponsorships has been VERY positive as I vet the sponsors of my content to match the expectations of my audience.

I welcome sponsors for The Bootstrapped Founder Newsletter, The Bootstrapped Founder Podcast (audio version), and the Bootstrapped Founder Podcast (YouTube video version).

The current rates, prices, and availability are available at https://www.passionfroot.xyz/arvid-kahl.

There is no minimum requirement. Whatever works for you. We’ll find a way.

A couple of remarks: I reserve the right to reject and refund all sponsorships if the materials provided or the products and services advertised are incompatible with my personal brand, beliefs, or expectations. While I make sure to respect the ideas and expectations of my sponsors, I ultimately have full editorial control over every single word that appears in my newsletter. I want sponsorships to be win-win-win situations between you, the audience, and myself.

Please reach out to empowerment@thebootstrappedfounder.com if you have any further questions.

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