When Privacy and Customer Value Clash

This week, I want to talk about a critical decision in the life of my new SaaS project PermanentLink. I've been doing some research on competitors and competitive alternatives. I looked into link forwarders, link shorteners, link branding services, pretty much anything that could technically compete with my core product, which boils down to branded … Continue reading When Privacy and Customer Value Clash

Customer Lock-In and “Insurance Features”

Over the last week, I have metaphorically left the building and had several conversations with the audience for my most recent project permanent.link. Since this is a product aimed at authors, I've been chatting with writers about their experiences with links in their work. My service can theoretically solve any number of problems, but I … Continue reading Customer Lock-In and “Insurance Features”

“Audience-First” Is Not Just “Building an Audience”

We live in overly practical times. More and more entrepreneurs have been conditioned to look for the quick fix, the growth hack that will get them months' worth of success within a single day. Many founders are looking for immediately actionable tactics, ignoring the long-term strategies in which those should be embedded. That approach has … Continue reading “Audience-First” Is Not Just “Building an Audience”