Building a $400k/year SaaS with Damon Chen

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Today, I am talking to Damon Chen, the founder behind, a social proof tool that has recently reached $400.000 in annual recurring revenue. Now that’s extremely impressive, particularly considering that Damon got it there all by himself.

So, let’s just ask him how this family man accomplished such growth while living in one of the most expensive places you could build a business in. Here’s Damon Chen.


LonelyDev is a community that I built to solve my own problem. 1:01

Lonely Dev turned into IndieLog. 4:09

How to get out of a full-time job to start a business. 12:55

Why you need to be healthy and whole to be able to build a good business. 19:33

Why you need to add video reviews to your landing page. 26:31

Video and authenticity 31:30

There is a point where you reach saturation and you need help. 36:20

What is your exit plan for your business? 42:27

The importance of having a good exit strategy. 47:18

The importance of having a community to support bootstrappers. 51:16

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